Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR KITE by Douglas Lindsay

Being For The Benefit Of Mr KiteDouglas Lindsay is well known for his humorous accidental barber shop serial killer series featuring the likable Barney Thomson.  In his latest novel Lindsay delves deep into the surreal while also providing a little something for Beatles fans.
The main character,  James Kite, manager of a local Starbucks coffee shop gets a shock when he is called out of the blue by someone from the US wanting to ship his movie script The Jigsaw Man around with hopes of attracting top Hollywood talent to star in the filming. Initially based on a real life jigsaw man (a coffee shop patron/owner at an old haunt, The Stand Alone, who sat and pieced together jigsaw puzzles day in day out - Kite does admit the script leaves a lot to be desired) the script long thought dead and buried all of a sudden has some life in it.
When Kite's plane crashes leaving no survivors he awakes to a couple of hard and disturbing realities; one in an integration room being questioned by two hardened agents, the other in his 'happy place' a holiday getaway frequented by his family when on vacation.
At this juncture I was really enjoying the book then it became all about the Beatles and conspiracy theories about the fifth member, the likeness of Kite's name and that of his previous inner circle of friends and their connection to the artwork that spawned the creative process for a Beatles song, along with the elusive and multi being Jigsaw man (that aspect was actually a real positive - I really liked where Lindsay took this character). Not to say the book lost me at this point but it didn't interest me as much as the earlier set-up. Perhaps had I been a bigger fan of the Beatles I might've taken to it more, but my expectations were not quite met based upon the utterly captivating opening.

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