Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: EMPEROR OF THORNS by Mark Lawrence

Emperor of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #3)Best read slowly to savour the poignant vehemence of each sentence.

The Hundred converge for Congression, an event that will unite or further imbalance the broken empire. With whispers of the Dead King making his presence known, the quest to rule above all is blood laden and not without sacrifice. For King Jorg Ancrath blood and sacrifice is at his very core. Relishing in violence and resonating in the nightmares of men, his actions are marred with the stain of the unholy – none more evident than in this latest book, the conclusion to the Broken Empire trilogy, EMPEROR OF THORNS by Mark Lawrence.

As with the previous instalment, KING OF THORNS, author Mark Lawrence splits the narrative between present day and a block of time prior (in this case 5yrs). The earlier sequences do more than provide background to Jorgs plight but also give rationale and justification for the events that take place in the present, notably the Congression.

There are loads of great ideas in the Broken Empire trilogy but for me, the highlight of the three books has got to be the end to EMPEROR OF THORNS. I won’t spoil it despite wanting to write at great length as to how impressive it was.

Fantasy readers, even the most casual thereof will find something to enjoy, be it Jorgs violent and bloody path to becoming Emperor, the notion of ghostly echoes of civilisations past, trolls, dead things walking or the nod towards medieval times.

THE EMPEROR OF THORNS is a stunningly good conclusion to the trilogy and provides a glimpse at The Red Queen of which the next fantasy series involves – The Red Queens War.

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