Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: GODZILLA (novelisation) by Greg Cox

Godzilla - The Official Movie NovelizationThe novelisation of the latest incarnation of Godzilla provides for exciting and entertaining action packed reading.

Aside from the destructive nature of these forms of fiction, this latest revamp follows a family decimated by larger than life inconvincible monsters; nightmares realised in the form of radioactive sustenance destined to purge Earth’s power source and mankind as a by-product of their size. The lineage of this family holds close ties with the scientific and military occupations which provide justification for their respective contact with Godzilla at large spanning intervals.  Unfortunately, it’s also the cause of death and heartache. Despite this, the Hollywood influence panders to the ‘feel-good’ with hope not entirely blacked out by these mass scale monsters.

Not having seen the film, I can’t comment on the accuracy and true-to-source-material comparison, however, as a book in its own right, author Greg Cox does a great job at crafting a real page turner. There is a real sense of urgency and impending doom as the iconic monster struts its equally iconic unveiling from the depths of the ocean and onto land, shadowing the sun and threatening to turn the world post-apocalyptic.

I really liked the use of distinct acts or stanzas to progress the key plot elements; from the early reveal, subsequent unearthing of the monstrous threat, to the military involvement - all interlocked by the requisite family survival drama. Overall, this novelisation is well worth a look irrespective of the reader having seen the film.

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