Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Resurgere by David Christopher Perez

ResurgereMonsters and madness blur the lines of reality through disillusioned viewpoints as this haunting love story cuts through the cord of normalcy and enters into the unknown.
RESURGERE follows Daniel, an intelligent young man who struggles in social settings. Preferring to crack open a book rather than a can of beer, Daniel seems destined for a life full of loneliness and longing.  That is, until, Melinda arrives via a chem tutorial session.  The two become friends then lovers, then she's abruptly taken away from Daniel.  Her unexpected and unusual death the catalyst for Daniels downward spiral into a dark and dangerous place.
Is it the depths of Daniels mind or something actual that derives the horror from this initially unassuming novel? It's a persistent question throughout that adds an interesting element to a very well written book.
Following Melinda's death Daniel stars to see dead people, however this more than a breakdown of some sort or simple haunting as the dead include those still living in severe state of decay including a future form of his self. Diving deep into drink, Daniel soon finds himself at rock bottom and living with his father in his childhood home when a bomb drops. The monsters he's seen may be real by his fathers own admission.  Its a glimmer of hope speckled in blood.
I really liked RESURGERE.  I thought the blending of romance, crime, horror, and psychological thriller worked well, with the unanswered question as to Daniels state of mind a nice touch.

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