Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Comic Review: ROBOCOP #1

"Dead or alive, you're coming with me."
"I'd buy that for a dollar!"
Two nostalgic lines that take the reader back to Old Detroit and the human cyborg cop that is Alex Murphy, aka Robocop. Boom Studios and the creative team of writer Joshua Williamson and artist Carlos Magno transport the reader straight back to the 1987 feature film picking up the comic right where the iconic film left off.
Writer Joshua Williamson takes an interesting approach in his rendition of Murphy and one that I feel really works for the book. Robocop is just that, a robotic police officer driven by the pure pursuit of justice irrespective of personal harm and human emotion. Luckily, Murphy's original partner Lewis is there to provide the human element to this brand of law enforcement; though how long she's teamed with Murphy remains to be seen.
What I really like about Robocop #1 is how true to the source material it is. That essence of the 80's splatter gore crime flick is captured to perfection via some dark and moody artwork from Carlos Magno. Not only is the central character/element well articulated in each panel/splash page, the background inks are realistic and give context to the world and place setting of Old Detroit; derelict, dangerous, and down trodden. The second page spread is worth the price of purchase alone.
Robocop #1 is a quick read even by comic standards due to the emphasis on art to drive a number of panels over dialog, yet that doesn't damper the story in any way. As a first issue, the creative team have done everything possible to get this new series off to a great start. I'm interested to see where a couple of these plot threads end up; notably the ones involving Killian and Lewis' aspiration for career advancement.
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