Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Returning to the scene of the crime: NOBODY'S ANGEL by Jack Clark

Nobody's Angel (Hard Case Crime, #65)From the back of the book:
Eddie Miles is one of a dying breed: a Windy City hack who knows every street and back alley of his beloved city and takes its recent descent into violence personally. But what can one driver do about a killer targeting streetwalkers or another terrorizing cabbies? Precious little – until the night he witnesses one of them in action…

My Review:
Keeping in-line with my new years bookish resolution to reread more of my books, I thought I'd take a second look at one of my favourite Hardcase Crime books in NOBODY'S ANGEL by Jack Clark. The book was just as good as I remembered it from 2010.

NOBODY'S ANGEL is an interesting insight into the perils of being a cab driver in the Windy City. A heavily atmospheric character driven story about a middle-aged cabbie, a serial killer, and the streets of Chicago.

Author Jack Clark's novel is the perfect fit for a film noir; the dark often rainy night time setting, the hopelessness attached to the young street workers, the humble protagonist, and dangerous dames, along with some public displays of indecency exemplify the hallmarks of noir.

Interspersed amongst the narrative are excerpts from the City of Chicago, Department of Consumer Services, Public Vehicle Operations Division guidebook to add a sense of realism to the fictional account of murder, violence, and survival in the dangerously unassuming cabbie world. I liked this touch to break-up the story while at the same time contributing to it.

NOBODY'S ANGEL is a great read that held up the second time round.

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