Monday, July 14, 2014

Review: MULTIVERSUM by Leonardo Patrignani

Multiversum (Multiversum, #1)From the back of the book: 
Alex and Jenny are sixteen. He lives in Milan; she, in Melbourne. For the past four years, they have glimpsed each other at random moments, while they are both unconscious — a telepathic communication that occurs without warning.

During one of these episodes, they manage to arrange a meeting. But on the day, though they are standing in the same place at the same time, each of them cannot see the other. This leads them to a startling discovery: they live in different dimensions. In Jenny’s world, Alex is someone else. And in Alex’s world, Jenny died at the age of six.

As they try to find each other, the Multiverse threatens to implode and disappear, but Jenny and Alex must meet — the future of the Earth depends on it.

My Review:
MULTIVERSUM is an entertaining and thought provoking novel that transports the reader through a limitless stream of possibility and uncertainty, invoking a kind of paralysis of reality by which time and place are defined by no traditional boundary or scale.

With pre and post-apocalyptic elements embodying the plot, the omnipresent sense of doom is ever looming over the heads of the young characters at the forefront of MULTIVERSUM. The dynamic is such that each interaction between Alex and Jenny is heightened to a point that the star crossed lovers undergo an almost painful yearning for one another as they battle not only their sanity but humanity as a whole.

Conceptually, MULTIVERSUM is brilliant, borrowing a little from the Butterfly Effect and taking it to the extreme by virtue of alternate dimensions and a delicately poised interwoven cataclysmic event.

The conclusion is awe inspiriting and a fitting end to the story as a whole while clearly paving the way for the next instalment. It takes a smart writer to pull off a satisfying ending while also plotting the beginnings of future stories, here, author Leonardo Patrignani ever so deftly delivers.

This edition from Scribe was translated by Antony Shugaar. No word yet if MEMORIA, the next instalment in the MULTIVERSUM saga will appear in English.

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  1. Just finished it. And at this stage, I can't find a translation of the sequel. Damn!