Saturday, July 26, 2014

This Years Best Crime Fiction - So Far

2014 has seen some great crime fiction releases, below are the best and bloodiest of what I've read from the newly or soon to be published books in the genre. In no particular order:

Origin (Wolf Creek, #1)Cold in July   Salaryman Unbound

ORIGIN (Wolf Creek) by Greg McLean - the ultimate outback noir. This is the kind of book I've been wanting to read for as long as I can remember. More crime than horror, the first of the Wolf Creek prequels is a must for readers of dark and bloody crime fiction. 

- Review: ORIGIN by Greg McLean

COLD IN JULY by Joe R Lansdale - not really a new release, however the latest edition coincides with the new feature film. Hands down the best crime novel I've read by Lansdale.

- Review: COLD IN JULY by Joe R Lansdale

SALARYMAN UNBOUND by Erza Kyrill Erker - my 'dark horse' for the end of year 'best of' lists. White collar noir that channels Jason Starr and Ryu Murakami. One of the absolute best independent crime releases I've read.

- Review: SALARYMAN UNBOUND by Erza Kyrill Erker

A Swollen Red Sun   Stalk Me   The Wrong Quarry (Quarry #11 - Hard Case Crime #114)
A SWOLLEN RED SUN by Matthew McBride - raw and unforgiving, Matthew McBride's new book is the pure embodiment of noir versed in a kind of hick/back water literature akin to Daniel Woodrell. Though we're only midway through 2014, it'll be hard to top this book as sitting top of the heap at years end.

- Review: A SWOLLEN RED SUN by Matthew McBride

STALK ME by Richard Parker - I've not read a crime thriller as intense and cleverly complex as this. Muck like last year's SCARE ME, Richard Parker hits this one right out the park.

- Review: STALK ME by Richard Parker

THE WRONG QUARRY by Max Allan Collins - pure popcorn pulp in all its overtly sexual and violent ways.  I don't know how Max Allan Collins continues to keep his perennial hitman fresh in new and engrossing novels but I'm sure glad he does. I haven't have this much fun with a Quarry book since THE LAST QUARRY.

- Review: THE WRONG QUARRY by Max Allan Collins

Cop TownCOP TOWN by Karin Slaughter - this standalone crime novel set in 1970's Atlanta has the makings a being a great new series (while not marketed as such, I hope we see further instalments). Think George Pelecanos.

- Review: COP TOWN by Karen Slaughter

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