Saturday, August 16, 2014

Advance Review: BITE HARDER by Anonymous-9

Bite HarderFrom the back of the book:
Some say he's a serial killer. Others, a vigilante doing what police can't or won't do. What's certain is that Dean Drayhart, a paraplegic, will soon sit on death row for killing hit-and-run drivers in Los Angeles. But not if the Mexican Mafia gets hold of him first. Somewhere, Dean's trained companion monkey Sid and girlfriend Cinda are outrunning the law in a fast '98 Trans Am. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department wants Sid, dead or alive. Dean may be broken in body but his fierce spirit is determined to protect Sid and Cinda in the most creative ways imaginable.

My Review:
The murderous mayhem continues where HARD BITE left off in a tale of vengeance, redemption, death, and loss. Equal parts humanist and animal instinct, author Anonymous-9 delivers another shot of pure pulp goodness.

The lead character Dean Drayhart, a paraplegic as a result of a hit and run that also ripped his family apart, is further explored via flashbacks of his former family life. The omnipresent sense of sadness and sloping slide towards acceptance really give Dean a completely three dimensional feel. He's no longer the tortured soul hell bent on revenge, rather, he's more about preserving the lives of those close to him, Sid (helper monkey) included, as he struggles to free himself of the shackles of the Mexican Mafia.

Where HARD BITE focused on Dean's quest to rid the demons of his past by becoming an unlikely serial killer, BITE HARDER targets Dean as the victim of the Mexican Mafia's blood lust as a result of Dean having murdered one of their own. It's a nice flip of the script from the books' predecessor.

BITE HARDER is a lethal mix of black humour, heart, and hard bites. A self contained story that fits in with a broad spanning pulp narrative that leaves room for further installments while still delivering a satisfying read of a uniquely engrossing vigilante.

Hard BiteIf you haven't read HARD BITE, go buy a copy HERE from Amazon.

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