Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Catching Up on Crime: SCARLET Vol.1 by Brian Michael Bendis

Scarlet, Vol. 1Semi-spoiler review below -

SCARLET was one of the first books I picked up from Comixology (digital comics) and what an impulse buy it was! I confess I'd not heard of Brian Michael Bendis prior to reading SCARLET VOL.1 but will make an effort to read more of his stuff.

The below is a blow-by-blow review of each issue that comprises volume 1.

Love the introspective narrative. The opening chapter establishes Scarlet as a dark yet light and vibrant young woman, one who knows love and falls for the clichés of romanticism. Cut to the corruption of cops; the addiction that costs her future also spawns her quest for vengeance. Interested to see where Scarlet takes her rage.

Issue #2:
In the the second chapter/issue, Bendis takes time to evolve his scared protagonist from mourning young woman into a cold calm and calculating femme fatale. There is a distinct cause and effect to Scarlet's actions which also compounds her rationale. Great plotting, character development, and a well executed story from what could've been a common revenge fueled romp.

Issue #3:
The story of Scarlet, the young red haired punk woman, victim of violence, circumstance and police corruption continues her quest to fight back. In the third issue/chapter she literally takes aim at the cops, specifically the Chief of Police. Cut off the snakes head and the rest slither and die. Great pacing, writing. Brian Michael Bendis has really established a strong sense of character.

Issue #4:
A change of pace from killing and dodging bullets sees the nice touch of 'scarlet law' introduced via a public front at a flash mob. good bridging chapter. I also like the added realism of Scarlet's mother showing up.

Final Issue:
Despite being a pretty decent graphic novel I think the last chapter lost momentum in order to generate grounding for the next installment. Ok but lacking a conclusion.

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