Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pick Up A Pulp [6]: SEIDLITZ AND THE SUPER SPY by Carter Brown

Seidlitz and the Super SpyFrom the back of the book:
Mavis Seidlitz is the grooviest private eye in the business. A dedicated asset to the squad of LA's Rio Investigations. Top notch in the numbers game. Hotshot in the dope racket. Sexpert in the art of self-defense. A kitteny man-killer who learns the hard way that it's what up front that counts.

So what's a nice girl like Maivs doing in the orgy at Carla's place in Capri?

It's blackmail! That's what it is! A girl cant even take a vacation in Rome, France, without getting caught up in an embarrassing situation with somebody else's corpse, a secret service agent, and an oil-rich prince named Harry who just loves blondes.

Mavis is trapped. Game for philandering prince and a knife throwing cutup. A luscious target for murder. A swinging detective about to be axed to The Party of The Year.

My Review:
Perhaps one of the more cheesy pulps I've read, yet I found it strangely addictive. Kind of like watching a train wreck; you know its bad and the outcome isn't going to be good yet you can't look away - same deal with reading SEIDLITZ AND THE SUPER SPY.

The Mavis Seidlitz PI stories are a departure from the Carter Brown books I typically read (Al Wheeler and Danny Boyd mysteries) yet the result and plot are pretty much the same; someone is murdered, a band of suspects are formed, the protagonist weeds out the source of the crime by eliminating suspects one by one.

In this case, however, the protagonist isn't a male chauvinistic pig, rather, a comely young women who is on vacation who is unwillingly (though she doesn't put up much resistance) thrown (or should I say blackmailed) into the world of espionage and orgies - yep, it's an odd combination but one that works for this kind of book.

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