Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reiew: QUICK by Steve Worland

QuickFrom the back of the book:
Melbourne, Australia: Round one of the Formula One World Championship. Billy Hotchkiss no longer races a V8 Supercar, but that doesn't mean he's lost the need for speed. When the young cop uncovers a diamond heist in progress he leaps into action and almost captures the thieves single-handedly.

Lyon, France: Interpol are convinced the criminals are somehow connected to Formula One. And they think this Australian ex-race driver is just the guy to stop them.

Sent undercover with an unwilling French partner, Billy is thrust into the glamorous world of international motor racing. But as the duo closes in on the thieves they soon expose a far more sinister threat.

With the fate of a city and the lives of one hundred thousand people in the balance, Billy must drive like never before to stop the worst act of terror since 9/11.

My Review:
QUICK is high octane action delivered at breakneck speed; at no time does protagonist, Aussie cop and former V8 driver Billy Hotchkiss, get a moments reprieve as he tracks down a crafty gang of thieves responsible pulling jewellery heists from Melbourne to Monaco. 

Accompanied by a reluctant Interpol Agent, Billy forms an unlikely partnership that at once complements the plot while also providing a dose of humour. Billy’s dry Aussie wit is lost on his French counterpart, making their exchanges all the more enjoyable. The lighter perspective of Billy’s banter is refreshing and contributed to the cheeky nature of the Aussie.

I haven’t read a book set in the high money, high speed world of F1 racing and quickly found myself immersed in the place-setting. I like the fact that the reader gets to see Billy as a driver as well as a cop (of which he’s both highly competent). Additionally, there is a lot of technical elements to racing which provided further insight into the spot – the good thing is it was well within context of the story and rather than distract from the plot, it enhanced the action (some of the racing scenes are excellent to read and made me feel like I was there on the track with Billy).

It is evident author Steve Worland went to great lengths to research QUICK and the reader gets all the benefit as it adds considerable atmosphere and believability to the book. 

Readers should note that QUICK is a new book that doesn’t directly link into Steve Worland’s previous action novels in COMBUSTION and VELOCITY, yet, like those two, it is one action junkies shouldn’t miss.
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