Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review: AURORA: MERIDIAN by Amanda Bridgeman

Aurora: MeridianFrom the back of the book:
Their hardest battle will be fighting the enemy within ...

Captain Saul Harris has found himself at a crossroads. Haunted by dreams of the dead, he fights to keep his soldiers safe as events spiral out of his control. But has his search for the truth led him to discover there is more to this mission of chasing Sharley than meets the eye?

Meanwhile, Corporal Carrie Welles seeks revenge. Consumed with demons from her past two missions, she goes rogue in the hope that her actions will end all the pain and suffering the Aurora team has endured. But will facing the enemy free them all from Sharley's cruel grasp, or has she condemned herself to a suicide mission?

As the mystery of Sharley and UNFASP unfolds and lives hang in the balance, Harris and Carrie are forced to search deep inside themselves, and what they find will shock them.

My Review:
The Aurora series is probably the most character driven sci-fi series I've read and MERIDIAN continues that theme. With Carrie off the Aurora ship and fractured from her team in more ways then one, the tough and resilient Corporal Welles could've gone two ways; one succumb to her predicament and put her troubled past behind her, or two; fight back - and fight back she does.

One of the great things about the Aurora books is the notion of ultra humans, super soldiers known as 'jumbos' - evolved/created in secrecy by a shadow branch of the UNF. These jumbos are paramount to proceedings in MERIDIAN as it's these menacing and unpredictable soldiers Carrie willingly places her life in the hands of all for the purpose of taking theirs. Given what transpired in PEGASUS, it makes for an interesting dynamic that's nothing short of page turning.

As Carrie's personal mission becomes known by her former team, Harris, Doc and co turn their attention to getting Carrie back and subsequently taking out the rouge jumbos. As their plight gains momentum, both opposing sides suffer loss while Carrie gains both literally and figuratively - there as some explosive events in MERIDIAN that change the face of this series.

As with the previous two books, having finished MERIDIAN I cant wait for the next instalment. Author Amanda Bridgeman has added another crucial chapter to the characters of the Aurora series while establishing a dangerous and unsettling future for them in further instalments.

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