Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Review: GO GO GATO by Max Everhart

Go Go GatoPitch perfect dime store PI. GO GO GATO starts as a private investigator novel should; with an attractive female lead turning up unannounced pleasantly invading the investigators office with her intoxicating scent and filling the room with her irresistible womanliness; equal parts provocative and professional – she’s got a problem that only this PI can solve. And so it starts with Eli Sharpe, former Baseball star now seasoned PI taking on his latest case – to track down a missing promising baseball prospect that seems to have succumbed to the same vices he himself did during his playing days; over indulgence in booze and drugs. 

Baseball fans will get a real kick out of reading this book, though readers not all that into America’s favourite pastime will still enjoy the mystery surrounding Almario Gato’s disappearance. The key suspects are identified early on with the case not expanding further as the case proceeds. This was great to spotlight each of the characters, making them feel part of the broader story rather than a hole to shine a flashlight and move on.

If I were to draw comparisons with other authors/novels I’d have to say I liken the style and feel of GO GO GATO to Russell Atwood’s Payton Sherwood mysteries (EAST OF A, and LOOSERS LIVE LONGER), however Sharpe, as a protagonist is a little more polished and well presented.

GO GO GATO is a good start to the Eli Sharpe mystery series which,looks to be a lot of fun. Not only does it introduce readers to Sharpe and provide relevant backstory but also gives a glimpse of the supporting cast (Sharpe’s 5 ex’s, and fellow PI Carpenter for instance). I’m looking forward to reading more of Sharpe and his future investigations.  

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