Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: SKINJOB by Bruce McCabe

SkinjobSet in the presumably not too distant future, SKINJOB centres around a terrorist event in which an adult manufacturer of robotic sex dolls (lifelike for the purpose of adult entertainment and little much else) sees one of its establishments blown up, killing the patrons and staff inside. With little to go on, the police search video footage via some highly sophisticated 'big brother' CCTV imagery to track the culprit.

I really liked the idea behind author Brue McCabe's SKINJOB; the political and religious ramifications/differing viewpoints, boiling pot discussion over right and wrong, moral and just etc. yet I felt this was somewhat overshadowed by the omnipresent cat and mouse mystery behind the person or persons responsible for the bombing.

Perhaps what got me offside was the fact I'd guessed early on who was responsible and then had to read a number of chase sequences, political grandstanding and police work that didn't feel like it always contributed to the steady flow of the story.

As far as the two lead characters go, I thought FBI Agent Madsen was well rounded and a decent enough prototype protagonist; one up against the bad guys and comrades alike. While San Francisco cop/surveillance expert Shari was just shy of being the secondary lead I had hoped for, despite the promising start she felt a little more real than the dolls of DreamCon.

SKINJOB shows a lot of promise and I hope Bruce McCabe ventures into this interesting landscape again. I got the feeling this book was just touching the surface of the religious factions in this future day setting and the power they're to wield over Government.

SKINJOB is a good thriller that could've been a really good sci-fi.

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