Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

This is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey. In order to get some consistency to my posting I thought I’d jump on board this great idea. As a self-proclaimed bookaholic, I love talking about my books and finding out what others are reading. Having been a long time reader of multiple blogs where the ‘It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?’ post is prevalent, I thought it a natural progression I’d add to the mix.

Last week I posted the following reviews:

ANNIHILATION by Jeff Vandermeer

CLARIEL by Garth Nix

Primary FaultPRIMARY FAULT by Sharon Kae Reamer

Geophysicist Caitlin Schwarzbach, out of work and weary of small-town Texas, leaves home. For good.

Separated from her beloved brother Gus at age seven when their parents divorced, she moves to Cologne, Germany to be with him.

Instead of meeting her brother upon her arrival, a Gus lookalike attempts to kidnap her by pulling her into a wall of glass. His accomplice: a curvy Nordic beauty dressed in black taffeta and lace and swarmed by ravens. Caitlin believes her experience to be a product of jet lag and disorientation.

Later that evening at a university reception, Caitlin learns her seismologist brother has included her in a research project with Hagen von der Lahn, amateur archeologist, stylish aristocrat, and dangerously attractive.

After Gus is called away by an earthquake, the deranged Gus doppelganger again tries to drag her away. Hagen rescues her and spirits her to his castle near the Rhine.

Authority (Southern Reach Trilogy, #2)AUTHORITY by Jeff Vandermeer (I wanted to get into the second book in the Southern Reach trilogy quickly after devouring ANNIHILATION last week. Looking forward to this.)

For thirty years, a secret agency called the Southern Reach has monitored expeditions into Area X—a remote and lush terrain mysteriously sequestered from civilization. After the twelfth expedition, the Southern Reach is in disarray, and John Rodriguez (aka “Control”) is the team’s newly appointed head. From a series of interrogations, a cache of hidden notes, and more than two hundred hours of profoundly troubling video footage, the secrets of Area X begin to reveal themselves—and what they expose pushes Control to confront disturbing truths about both himself and the agency he’s promised to serve.

Her Last Call to Louis MacNeiceHER LAST CALL TO LOUIS MACNEICE by Ken Bruen (this one has been sitting in my tbr for a while. It's one of the few Breun books I'm yet to read. Feels a little like Duane Swierczynski early on.)

She’s hot, well read, and absolutely mad—and she won’t let him go

Bank robber Cooper picks her up at the supermarket, where he spies her shoplifting and warns her that the store detective is watching her. She puts the stolen food back, and he buys her lunch. It’s the worst mistake he’s ever made. What this pretty young American girl is doing in South London is a mystery to him. Her name is Cassie, and she acts sane until they get home. She’s normal as he takes her clothes off, normal for everything that follows, normal until she tells him that now that he’s touched her, he can never have another woman. He thinks it’s a joke until he wakes up and finds her note, which explains that she drugged him and left with his pistol and some of the money he’s made holding up banks. Only death will keep her away, so death it must be.


  1. An interesting mix Josh, I hope you enjoy them.
    Have a great week,

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. Thanks Shelleyrae - have just posted my review of PRIMARY FAULT.

      I've got a good mix this week I think :-)

  2. Nice assortment of books. My review of Clariel is up toady. It made me want to re-read the rest of the Abhorsen trilogy. Here's my week. Happy reading!

    1. I re-read SABRIEL in readiness for CLARIEL to get back into the world and I think it was a good choice. I'll be going back to re-read the remaining books (and the novella in ACROSS THE WALL) shortly.

  3. That is most definitely an interesting mix. If I had to pick I think I would pick Authority and its predecessor!

    1. I've heard nothing but good things about the Southern Reach trilogy and really enjoyed ANNIHILATION. I'd def recommend them.