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Crashing Through MirrorsFrom the back of the book:
Bern Aldershot, former bass player for the legendary band Aldershot is attacked in a dark parking lot. His 1965 Rickenbacker bass is stolen, and that's not all. Desperate to avoid publicity Bern refuses to tell the police or anyone. Big mistake. Three months later depression has him staring down the barrel of his own gun. When his attacker resurfaces there is no one to help or confide in except one: a 16-year-old fangirl named London. Together they play cat and mouse with Bern's assailant across Los Angeles, piecing together clues from a series of rapes and murders, challenging disbelieving cops and pissed off bikers in a wildly unusual chase.

My Review:
Wow, first off let me say CRASHING THROUGH MIRRORS is one heck of story. For a novella it packs a punch most novels should be jealous of.

Bernd Aldershot, a rock and roll legend whose star is slowly fading is the victim of a heinous crime in the early hours of the morning in an abandoned parking lot. Keeping the attack secret, his life starts to deteriorate to the point he's willing to end it. Which he very nearly does.

This is where we pick up his story.

The shotgun lays idle, the shower curtain dishevelled, girlfriend sent away. All that remains is the quiet solitude of pending suicide.

Anonymous-9 constantly produces quality (check out HARD BITE and BITE HARDER) and CRASHING THROUGH MIRRORS is no exception. The dialogue is sharp, the characters are believable, and the story is dark yet with a touch of trade mark humour to keep things balanced.

I loved the way Aldershot is portrayed. There is something so real about this character that makes him jump off the script and land in reality, likewise his teenage 'accidental friend' London.

Without delving too deep into the events of CRASHING THROUGH MIRRORS, I will say that it's one ride that you wont be able to get off, nor will you want to until the last word is read - one of my top crime fiction reads of the year.


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