Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: PRIMARY FAULT by Sharon Kae Reamer

Primary FaultMy Review:
An intriguing concept, and early, reminiscent of Stephen King; a pure blend of everyday life and crime lightly seasoned with the other worldly.

Author Sharon Kae Reamer, has, with PRIMARY FAULT, brought to life a secondary reality that's mysterious and omnipresent in the lives of her characters.

For Caitlin, her perception of reality is stretched to the limit, yet remains oddly intact despite her internal self-quakes that take her to places only plausible in fantasy.

Central to proceedings lies a crime that threatens to tear Caitlin and her brother, Gus, in half. Accused of assault and murder of young women, Gus goes missing leaving the authorities to automatically assume his guilt, Caitlin, with a couple of convenient accomplices diligently works to clear his name and prove Gus has a doppelganger, one that is responsible for the crimes.

The deep fantasy aspect was secondary to the plot though an integral part to dictating the characters actions and providing some rationale without fully enveloping the reader in other worldly realm. I thought this balance was good but could've been better served by providing the reader with more background to the fantasy side of the equation.

As an initial book in a series, the scene is well established with revelations promised in further instalments. Unique enough to warrant further reading and mysterious enough to captivate the readers attention.

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