Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review: THE COLD COLD GROUND by Adrian McKinty (audio)

The Cold, Cold Ground | [Adrian McKinty]From the back of the book:
Northern Ireland, Spring 1981. A homophobic serial killer with a penchant for opera and a young woman's suicide that may yet turn out to be murder. On the surface, the events are unconnected, but then things - and people - aren't always what they seem.

My Review:
Sean Duffy is a cop tasked with solving a serial killer who targets gay men and taunts the police with cryptic messages. Coupled with a seemingly unrelated suicide and heat from above to close the cases (Duffy is yet to solve a murder as we're introduced to him), Duffy is instantly against the odds.

Whilst I'm familiar with author Adrian McKinty's novels, this was my first experience in listening to an audio book and I've got to say I found the experience rather pleasant. Narrator Gerard Doyle is an ideal fit for this book. His timing and switching of character personas is pitch perfect fully embracing McKinty's story and adding another layer of enjoyment to what is an exceptional crime novel.

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