Friday, November 14, 2014


The Forgotten AddictionFrom the back of the book:
Los Angeles, 1993. The City is burning itself down. Murder is king. And Bird is back, right in the middle of the blaze. Still blaming himself for the death of the Butcher's Granddaughter, Bird is holed up in his girlfriend's apartment and trying to keep the demons at bay. But the City won't leave him alone, won't let him grieve. When the desperate father of a missing UCLA co-ed finds Bird and pleads with him to help find his daughter, Bird sees a path to personal redemption and takes it. It may be the last mistake he ever makes. From penthouse office suites to strip club poker games, Bird soon learns that the girl's disappearance may have been of her own making. But somewhere along the way she drew the interest of L.A.'s darkest corners, and in them Bird will have to choose between his own life and that of a woman he has never met

My Review:
Drawing similarities to Andrew Vachss’ Burke series, THE FORGOTTEN ADDICTION continues the back alley, down and dangerous theme of the earlier Bird installment THE BUTCHERS GRANDDAUGHTER where criminals and law enforcement alike willingly and reluctantly assist Bird in tracking down his quarry.

This time around, it’s a scarred beauty whose gone missing with her father seeking Bird’s expertise to locate her and bring her home to safety. After reluctantly accepting the case, the father is gunned down with Bird witness to the murder.

Scratching the surface of the case reveals a complex web of lies and intrigue as the missing girl turns out not to be the pitch perfect angel the deceased had painted her. Drugs, murder, grifters, blackmail – it all stacks up to one compelling and addictive read.  

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