Thursday, November 20, 2014


Robin Williams: When the Laughter Stops 1951 - 2014Film critique quotes and testimonials aside, ROBIN WILLIAMS: WHEN THE LAUGHTER STOPS is a deeply moving read about a man who brought happiness to millions yet despite this penchant for comedy couldn’t bring happiness to himself.

Repetitive at times, but then again isn’t life at certain stages? This bird’s eye account of the man behind the mask of laughs portrays Robin Williams as a depressed, isolated, and womanising man-child whose coping mechanism was his craft. Hash but reality rarely coincides with fiction.

His highs praised his lows painstakingly prominent and seemingly in direct correlation with his state of mind. As a fan of his movies and not knowing much else about the famous comedian/actor it was interesting to read how difficult (and enjoyable as he certainly had his good times) life in and out of the spotlight was for Robin Williams.

From his three marriages, to his monetary woes (though this is still somewhat disputed) to his predilection for gaming and stand-up comedy, WHEN THE LAUGHTER STOPS evokes equal feelings of happiness and sadness for a man who touched so many, bringing to light information many fans would not be privy to.  

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