Friday, November 14, 2014

Review: THE WIND THROUGH THE FENCE by Jonathan Maberry

The Wind Through the FenceTHE WIND THROUGH THE FENCE by Jonathan Maberry is a zombie short story true to the genre with all the formulaic trappings yet it diversifies itself by virtue of the clever writing and use of sounds over gore and violence. 

A fence separates the living from the dead  with those manning it responsible for helping mankind reclaim the land a meter at a time. However, with the dead pushing back and seeking entrance to the encampment, the struggle is not easily won. 

There is a heightened sense of horror and anticipation for violence that keeps the reader engaged and looking over their shoulder, shuddering at silently caught words riding the wind, breathing the decayed drenched air and feeling the dread that those working on the fence feel. It's a really unique story that only gets better throughout. 

The ending is a beauty too - one that's just for the tale that leaves a long lasting impression. THE WIND THROUGH THE FENCE IS a must for zombie fans and those who like to scare themselves silly.  

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