Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January Reading List

Along with my earlier post about which book I plan to be reading on day 1 of 2015 I thought I'd expand on the concept and list the books I think I might be reading in January. Of course, this is likely to change as review books and other books in my tbr take my interest - I've also not taken into consideration any audiobooks as I tend to go with the flow with those. 

The initial list is heavily populated by review book and longer over due reads but I think it's got a nice mix of genres and a couple of re-reads thrown in for good measure (something I'm continuing to do more of).

Perfidia   Mateship   Butterfly Skin

The Guards (Jack Taylor, #1)   Asylum CityThe Room 

Everybody Goes to Jimmy's: A Suspense Novel   The Waking Engine   Robopocalypse

Shaky Ground   Hunt at the Well of Eternity (Gabriel Hunt, #1)   Plunder of the Sun (Hard Case Crime #10)

So, 12 books (I usually read around that per month) it is. I wonder if I'll stick to this? I've also listed the books in projected reading order. As per my usual reading habit, it's an eclectic selection of books.     

The re-reads will be THE GUARDS by Ken Bruen and HUNT AT THE WALL OF ETERNITY. I'm keen to re-read both series and look forward to returning to the respective characters.  

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