Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pick Up A Pulp: AS BAD AS THEY COME by Orrie Hitt

As Bad As They ComeAS BAD AS THEY COME is trademark Orrie Hitt sleaze pulp, yet by today's standards it's rather tame. The book doesn't dwell on explicit erotica or hushed sinister sexual acts, preferring to hone in on the psyche of its central character,  Art, a salesman of sorts at a mail order agency - who, on his whim - have branched out to distributing semi and full nude pictures in the post. This is written long before such images were readily accessible to the pubic.

The kindle illustrated edition I read included some of these images at the beginning of each chapter, showcasing the character of focus in a provocative pose and adding a little realism to the fiction. Orrie Hitt need not provide the visual aid to enhance the experience yet it did help to distinguish the female characters from one another as each was generally typecast in the sex pot mold.

As you'd expect, the plot is heavily centered around Art's sexual conquests and the impact that has upon him and his wife. His adulterous ways also bleed over to his day job, ultimately costing him his well paying salary and nearly wrecking his marriage. Yet, for what seems shallow on the surface, AS BAD AS THEY COME is surprisingly deep with multiple plot threads and well fleshed out and independent characters (even if all the female leads do fall hopelessly over Art). 

AS BAD AS THEY COME was a nice find - one I wish I had the physical book copy of. Pulp enthusiasts should track this one down. While not as good as UNFAITHFUL WIVES, it's still an enjoyable fast paced read.  

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