Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: CONTROL FREAK by Christa Faust (audio edition)

Control FreakCONTROL FREAK was my second audiobook (the first being THE COLD COLD GROUND by Adrian McKinty) and I'm pleased to report that I'm two-for-two; great stories with complimentary narrators.

Narrators can greatly enhance a book or completely derail it. Luckily narrator Ann Carver's performance is a good fit for the semi erotic crime novel by Christa Faust - her debut written in the 1990's. 

Christa Faust's smooth poetic prose is akin to Megan Abbott and Daniel Woodrell at the top of their game.

Fans of Christa Faust's well known and acclaimed Hard Case Crime novels (MONEY SHOT, and CHOKE HOLD) will recognize some that of trademark toughness in her female protagonists, yet CONTROL FREAK goes beyond the hard woman facade delivering an in-depth tale of self discovery. 

Caitlin, the journalist turn Dominant grows into a largely independent woman  more in control of her life than she was in her pre-dominant days. Her journey into the violent erotic underworld unearths a self preservation that rivals veteran cops. 

I found CONTROL FREAK to be a gripping read (listen) that showcases a slice of life many would not be accustom to, doing so in a tasteful and compelling manner that simply demands the reader's attention.  

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