Thursday, January 1, 2015

Catching up: DRUG OF CHOICE by Michael Crichton

Drug of Choice (Hard Case Crime MC6)From the back of the book:
On a secret island in the Caribbean, bioengineers have devised a vacation resort like no other, promising the ultimate escape. But when Dr. Roger Clark investigates, he discovers the dark secret of Eden Island and of Advance Biosystems, the shadowy corporation underwriting it...

My Review:
Of the Hardcase Crime re-prints of Michael Crichton's earlier works under the pen name John Lange, I'd only read BINARY - a tech-pulp that really didn't do it for me at the time. Luckily, DRUG OF CHOICE did. It's a quick read that sucks you in from the opening sequence and morphs into a paranoid alternate state of reality as the world viewed through protagonist Dr. Roger Clark's eyes clouds and then turns a semi transparent liquid red. 

Despite it's linear narrative and single thread plot devise, there is actually a lot happening in this book - one rife for the inner conspiracy theorists as terror and thrills spill into the medicinal landscape through a wonder drug that replaces reality with trickery.

Crichton, while penning this pulp in the tech vein, doesn't bog it down with jargon or overtly technical and scientific terms, making it all the more consumable. 

As a quick form of escapism that's a near one sitting read, DRUG OF CHOICE is the book of choice. 

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