Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: DRIVEN by James Sallis (audio book)

Driven | [James Sallis]
From the back of the book
Seven years have passed since Driver ended his campaign against those who double-crossed him. He has left the old life, become Paul West, and founded a successful business. But walking down the street one day, he and his fiancée are attacked by two men, and his fiancée is killed. 

Sinking back into anonymity, Driver realises that his past stalks him - and will not stop. He has to turn and face it.

My Review
DRIVEN, the sequel to the highly entertaining DRIVE starts with a bang as Driver's partner is brutally gunned down and Driver himself attacked by a couple of hired thugs. That sort of blistering opening really set the scene for what should have been a bloody story of revenge filled with heartache and pain - and ultimately, satisfying revenge; a form of judge, jury and executioner rolled into one big pile of cordite smelling  vendetta. Unfortunately, things didn't quite turn out how I had hoped.

For me, the audio book was greatly hindered by James Sallis's writing style. DRIVEN doesn't have chapters, making it difficult to find a definitive change of perspective and/or place setting. Narrator Paul Michael Garcia also didn't handle the different characters well making it hard to distinguish between who was who and what was dialog verse internal thought verses narrative. However, the narration did improve towards the later stages of the book - either that or I got used it... 

Narrator aside, DRIVEN didn't work for me due to the repetitive nature of the plot; Driver survives an attempted murder, beats-up some bad guys, drives around, reminisces on the past - repeat until ending.

I had such high hopes for DRIVEN given the way it started. Unfortunately the beginning is where it ended for me. 

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