Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review: PERFIDIA by James Ellroy

PerfidiaA crime fiction epic set amid the backdrop of Peal Harbor, PERFIDIA, is densely rich in characterisation and bedded down with intrinsically linked sub plots that can, at times, be off-putting but ultimately rewarding. 

The first book in the Second LA Quartet, PERFIDIA reads familiar for those who have read James Ellroy's previous novels. Characters such as Kay Lake, Lee Blanchard, and Bucky Bleichert are re-imaged as their younger counterparts embroiled in a sinister sleep deprived state of uncertain seduction and apprehensive allegiance to morals following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This period of flux fraternisation of the film and citizen population leads to a myopic perception of post Pearl Harbor peril compounded by corrupt police and agenda rampant public figures. 

I found the best way to read this 700pg plus book was to read significant chunks each day. Stopping and starting will quickly get you lost. The core and ensemble cast all have prominent moments throughout so taking the time to read slloooowwly pays off. PERFIDIA is a not a novel you can gleam over passages despite how tempting it is. James Ellroy does employ the use of a fair amount of filler content which can, at times, be difficult to wade through but the gamble of missing something crucial to proceedings isn't worth undertaking - in my opinion.   

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