Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review: PANDAEMONIUM by Christopher Brookmyre

PandaemoniumFrom the back of the book:
The senior pupils of St Peter's High School are on a retreat to a secluded outdoor activity centre, coming to terms with the murder of a fellow pupil through counselling, contemplation, candid discussion and even prayer - not to mention booze, drugs, clandestine liaisons and as much partying as they can get away with. 

Not so far away, the commanders of a top-secret military experiment, long-since spiraled out of control, fear they may have literally unleashed the forces of Hell.

Two very different worlds are about to clash in an earthly battle between science and the supernatural, philosophy and faith, civilisation and savagery.

My Review:
"There's something worse than primal brutality here: there's fury, there's bloodlust, there's hatred."

PANDEMONIUM is certainly a convergence of two distinct worlds with the end result being bloody, blasphemous, and nothing short of brutal. 

I read a couple of reviews of this book prior to delving in (something I don't tend to do all that often) whose sentiments mirrored that of my above sentence. Early in reading (as in 200pgs +) I thought I was looking at a different book to what was being reviewed by other readers and critics. Coming across as little more than teenage angst mixed with a Sunday school reform curriculum centered around restoring the grieving students faith following the loss of a class member - oh how things changed. 

PANDAEMONIUM is survival horror and pure blood-splatter gore gloriously mixed with the notion of hell and it's inhabitants. It's a slow burn that steadily turns red hot - to use the tattered and tired phrase 'I couldn't turn the pages quick enough'. 

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  1. I didn't really expect to but I loved this one too. Bloody funny.