Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review: WHEN YOU RUN WITH WOLVES by Robert White

When You Run with Wolves"There's nothing really safe in the world. Evil stops here and there for a while, but it's always on the move and able to come to you wherever you are. It's when you stand still too long that you make the best target."

Trust is an abstract concept in crime, one that is paramount to proceedings in WHEN YOU RUN WITH WOLVES by Robert White. 

A heist gone wrong and moment's clouded judgement leads to murder. For Jack Trichaud  in possession of nearly a million dollars and having fallen for a seductively sinister femme fatale of sorts, Marija his life is one enveloped in a constant state of danger; raw bloody wounds that never have time to heal. 

The allure of cash brings with it cruelty from those who want it, and pain to those who have it. Adding to the drama is a unique family element that ties Jack to the murderous group by virtue of his brothers' involvement in the heist and subsequent bloodletting that follows. Make no mistake, this is a violent read that fully warrants such brutality. 

There is also a little hint of Richard Starks' Parker by way of Andrew Vachss that makes WHEN YOU RUN WITH WOLVES all that much more enjoyable to fans of those respective authors.

I loved everything about this book - the more I read the better it was. 

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