Sunday, March 22, 2015

Catching Up: TRUNK MUSIC by Michael Connelly (Bosch #5)

Trunk MusicAs the title suggests, the fifth Harry Bosch book is a murder mystery surrounding the death of a Hollywood shyster whose body was found in the trunk of his car. Having all the hallmarks of a mob hit, Bosch and co turn their attention to the underworld, looking for links between the deceased low budget movie maker and those in a less lawful occupation.

The investigation takes Bosch to the city of sin where he is reunited with a love interest from earlier in the series. This in itself adds a layer of complexity to the case as Eleanor Wise, former agent turned felon is found to have an association with Joey Marks, a mobster who looks good for the hit. With Bosch pressing Marks' business associates for info on the murder, his relationship with Eleanor Wise lands him in the cross-hairs of Internal Affairs (associating with a known felon is a no-no) - forced to fight an uphill battle on both sides of the law, Bosch turns to his trademark grit and determination to ensure justice prevails.

This felt like an Ellroy Hollywood whodunit from the get go and didn't fail to deviate from that path for the most part. Michael Connelly always writes solid police procedurals and TRUNK MUSIC is no different. The plot is as smooth as freshly spilled blood on a slick surface hitting no hurdles unless Connelly wants it to - which he does when the vic, Tony Aliso's past and present extra marital actives are unearthed; deliberatly turning the plot in another direction and making the reader think that little bit harder about who is to blame for the bullets in the body. 

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