Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: THE DRAMATIST by Ken Bruen (Jack Taylor #4)

The Dramatist (Jack Taylor, #4)Very few writers can change the course of a book in a single line and that's exactly what author Ken Bruen has done in the fourth installment in the Jack Taylor series, THE DRAMATIST.

As my reread of this excellent quasi private investigator series continued, I was most looking forward to revisiting this book in particular, having faint memories of Jacks cases but being able to recall in vivid detail that moment where Jack once again spirals into a pit of despair. 

Early in the piece I was wondering if the PI work would heat up a little; that didn't eventuate, but then again Jack's sometime day job has generally been on the peripheral, THE DRAMATIST moreso than others as it's Jacks pain and poisoned promise of normalcy that drives the plot. 

While THE DRAMATIST is a must read book, I do prefer the earlier Jack Taylor reads.That said, THE DRAMATIST is a significant story line in this great series.

Below are my reviews of the Jack Taylor books prior to THE DRAMATIST:


  1. Stll my favourite ending of a book ever. Awful but perfect.

    1. Agree - didn't see it coming the first time, still shocked by it the second time.

  2. Replies
    1. Agree. Bruen is a very good writer.