Monday, March 2, 2015

Review: THE MAGDALEN MARTYRS by Ken Bruen (Jack Taylor #3)

The Magdalen Martyrs (Jack Taylor, #3)"I feel the guilt and recriminations still. The line of the dead who accuse me at every turn of sleep, they come in silent dread, the eyes fixed on me as I twist and moan in vain hope of escape.
     So I drink."

If there is one author I turn to when I want to read a readers book, it's got to be Ken Bruen. His Jack Taylor series is poetic poison in a purely positive way. His perennial drunk and drug addled private investigator is a book junkies binge of choice. Not only are the Jack Taylor books laced with evocative quotes such as the above, but they absorb the imagination, drowning it in whisky to lull the senses before smacking it in the face with heart racing coke - kind of like Jack himself. 

The third installment THE MAGDALEN MARTYRS continues Jack's downfall while still providing glimpses of goodness. The two distinct cases he investigates includes the search of the sadistic 'Angel of the Magdalen' for a local hardman who was introduced in the previous book - second to this quest for belated vengeance is a murder investigation - or rather, a presumed murder, with a young man questioning his fathers death and pointing the finger at his own estranged mother. Two different cases which get the same ad-hoc PI treatment Jack's known for.

Ken Bruen is a master at putting his most renowned character through the blender and, as you'd come to expect, Jack gets the same treatment here; a lover with a touch of crazy, a friend with a touch of death, a recovery undone by temptation. THE MAGDALEN MARTYRS is pitch perfect Bruen. 

*note - this is my second read of THE MAGDALEN MARTYRS and continues my 2015 re-read of the Jack Taylor series. You can read reviews of the previous books below:

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