Friday, March 13, 2015

Review: THE PORT FAIRY MURDERS by Robert Gott

The Port Fairy MurdersA pairing of double murders, a vengeful killer on the loose who seeks redemption in blood, and a quiet town riddled with secrets and sin are the perfect footings for this 1943's period piece of crime fiction set in Port Fairy, a small coastal town in country Victoria, Australia. 

THE PORT FAIRY MURDERS is the direct sequel to THE HOLIDAY MURDERS, however, as someone who hasn't read the first book, I'm glad to say it didn't hinder the reading experience. Author Robert Gott provides a brief summary of THE HOLIDAY MURDERS prior to delving into his latest installment centered around a small Melbourne Homicide Division which, while not comprehensive, does provide enough context to the characters and past events to form a broad understanding of where things are at and, more importantly, why Detective Joe Sable is the center of a murderers attention. 

The plot comprises two distinct and independent threads which at first don't seem to have any reason to be incorporated in the same book, rest assured, they do converge and culminate in a criminally good fashion. 

What really impressed me about THE PORT FAIRY MURDERS was the whodunit murder mystery that didnt give anything away accompanied by great characters who read 'real'. I enjoy books that keep me guessing and this did just that. I also loved the non conventional ending which hopefully leads to more stories of this interesting band of Melbourne Homicide police set in period of Australian history.

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