Saturday, April 4, 2015

Review: DREAMING DEEP by Anonymous-9

A horror hiding in the deathly dark and deeply disturbing undercurrents of the sea surfaces to torment the father of a missing boy. Whispering sweet nothings honey dripped in hope to mask a deception that is a prolonged form of both cruel and unusual punishment. 

Ed Angelus is a fifty-year-old captain employed by the Wildwater Maritime. He's also father to a missing boy. One who calls to him from deep under water.

As part of a broader picture, DREAMING DEEP is a great vehicle to launch an episodic series format not dissimilar to THE DEAD MAN. Comprising a mix of horror and subtle haunting, author Anonymous-9 borrows from Lovecraft while crafting her own style of ghostly goodness. It's this aspect I found most enjoyable; the disembodied voice from the sea calling to a wounded father, luring him into a world more complex and confusing than he currently lives. 


  1. There's definitely more to come, and I'll be waiting.