Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Monthly Reader Statistics: MAY 2015

This series of blog posts is as the title suggests; monthly statistics for the latest completed month with a year to date summary of my reading. I actually look at my reader stats every so often, more out of curiosity as opposed to using them to achieve a goal. I like to know how many of the books I've read are for review verses how many I have read just 'cos (those I purchased or borrowed) or the difference between physical books and kindle ebooks. As I don't tend to make a conscious decision to read an ebook verses a physical book or read a book given to me for review verses something from my tbr, it's just what attracts me at the time - I thought these statistics would prove a useful 'nice-to-know' and an interesting footnote in my 2015 reading journey. 

Monthly Reads (books completed reading): 14

Re-reads: 3
Review books: 5
Audio books: 0
*Just 'cos reads: 6
Kindle: 4
2015 published: 3

Year To Date Reads: 63

Re-reads: 8
Review books: 26
Audio books: 3
*Just ‘cos reads: 25
Kindle: 18
2015 published: 19

- - - - -
*doesn't include re-reads/audio
- - - - - 

Best Reads of May:

Hold the Dark by William Giraldi   Watched by C.J. Lyons  The Fat Mexican by Alex Caine  Borderline by Lawrence Block

Review Links:

HOLD THE DARK by William Giraldi



BORDERLINE by Lawrence Block

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