Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review: AFTER IM GONE by Laura Lippman

After I'm GoneAFTER I'M GONE is a crime mystery intertwined with a deep seeded family drama rotting at its core. Bambi married young; love at first sight. As soon as Felix swept her off her feet there was no way she's was going to stand on solid ground again - how true that turned out to be.

Felix, one day, left abruptly, shattering Bambi's happily ever after fairy tale and leaving his young family to fend on a sum of money he'd progressively gathered through criminal enterprise. As hard as it was to loose Felix, Bambi was further broken by news of an affair Felix had been having with a dancer at his strip club. With Felix gone and the money dried up, the 'other woman' plays on Bambi mind, so much so, that her daughters become involved to the extent that things turn deadly. 

Adopting a style not dissimilar to Megan Abbott, author Laura Lippman portrays a family riddled with bad luck and near fractured by damaging secrets while maintaining the classical whodunit theme in the background. 

Using a present day setting to recount the murder of 'other woman' Julie Saxton years after her disappearance, ex policeman Sandy's calculated investigative skills bring the ghosts in the closets to the light of day as the cold case heats up. The time hoping is a great way to establish linkages between the crime and family drama plot elements while ensuring the pace keeps ticking along. 

There's also a little easter egg for fans Laura Lippman's long standing PI series. 

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