Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: EASY DEATH by Daniel Boyd

Easy Death (Hard Case Crime #117)Despite being set on Christmas eve there is nothing festive about this noir from Daniel Boyd. In true-to-genre fashion, EASY DEATH pits criminals against each other just as much as the law. 

Yet, it's not all blood and violence - there are cleverly written scenes that show the bad guys in good light while moving away from the 'no honor among thieves' mentality. Contrary to the above, I know, but there is a nice balance between the expected and the not-so.

The plot revolves around a heist involving an armored truck on Christmas eve and spins off into smaller sub plots as we learn about the characters on both sides of the equation. The multiple POV chapters make each character come to life and provide an interesting perspective to the events that play pre, post and during the heist itself.  

I couldn't put this book down and churned through the pages as I eagerly anticipated the outcome; Would they get away with it? Would the thieves survive or turn on each other? Read the book to find out. 

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