Monday, June 1, 2015

Review: THE GIRL HUNTERS by Mickey Spillane

The Girl HuntersHammer is in the gutter - struggling to cope with the loss of Velda, presumed dead for the past 7 years when a chance encounter with a couple of police officers who pick him up for D&D leads him to Pat Chambers and subsequently to a case; one that provides a glimmer of hope for Velda...she may not be dead after all. 

The manhunt for the 'Dragon' begins. 

After recently reading COMPLEX 90 which is the direct sequel to THE GIRL HUNTERS though published a significant number of years later, I was looking forward to reading the background behind Velda's disappearance and the copy-cat links behind the set up for each novel (both have Mike or Velda undertaking a routine security job where someone is murdered with a jewel heist turned bloody the motive). However, THE GIRL HUNTERS didn't go into all that much detail, rather shifting the focus to Mike Hammer and his reintegration into darker side of law protection. 

I do love the pulp aspect to THE GIRL HUNTERS. Hammer is at his best here; dealing damage and loving dames in distress. The easy violence that accompanies Hammer is ever present and a critical element to the plotting.

While enjoyable, I found THE GIRL HUNTERS just didn't pack the same punch as the book that follows it. Still a must-read for Hammer fans. 

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