Friday, July 31, 2015

Re-read: COLD CALLER by Jason Starr

Cold CallerFrom the back of the book
Once Bill Moss was a rising VP at a topflight ad agency, but now he works as a "cold caller" at a telemarketing firm in the Times Square area. He's got a bad case of the urban blues. Still, he's good at his work and (he thinks) about to be promoted, when out of the blue he's fired. So Bill snaps . . . and the next thing he knows he has a dead supervisor on his hands and problems no career counselor can help him with.

My Review
COLD CALLER is one of those books that gets better the more times I read it.

The dialogue is crisp, clever, and portrays the mindset of lead character Bill in perfect clarity. From his deluded thoughts of justice to his misguided sense of right and wrong, author Jason Starr manages to make Bill's rationale honest whilst being equally murderous. 

As far as white collar noir goes, COLD CALLER is right up there. The plot is bullet riddled with acts of easy violence that almost feel natural as Bill climbs over bodies and up the corporate ladder. The evolution of a telemarketer to serial killer is executed with a coldly calculated sharpness few authors could muster. 

COLD CALLER is a great book and tailor made for readers who crave good dialogue and clever plotting. I'll definitely be reading it again at some stage down the track. 

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