Saturday, July 25, 2015

Review: ALL THE LITTLE PIECES by Jillian Hoffman

All the Little PiecesVery rarely do I read mainstream crime fiction that I simply don't want to end. ALL THE LITTLE PIECES by Jillian Hoffman is one such rarity. 

Faith Saunders is a mother and wife, trying to put the shattered pieces of her life together following her husbands infidelity and the troubles the couple is having with their young daughter Maggie - both at school and home, when all sense of normalcy is destroyed by a chance encounter with a pair of serial killers and a victim who managed to escape. 

Escape, only to find a locked car door and a reluctant Faith determined to keep the outside night terrors at bay from her semi drunk self and sleeping daughter in the back seat of their parked car. The middle of the night small town stop off to rest her head following a heated argument with her sister wasn't meant to be the thing that would threaten everything she'd ever known - that was meant to be done with, the cheating husband outed, the broken marriage sticky-tapped together. This one event, the pleading in the young woman's eyes, the harshness of the man who snatched her away - the fear of repercussion and endangerment too much to bare. Two weeks later her actions are out in the open for all to judge, and for the killers to remedy their mistake of letting a witness live. Of letting two witnesses live.

ALL THE LITTLE PIECES switches gears from family drama to police procedural to family drama and back again without missing a beat. The murder police and the Saunders family don't battle for page time with each character type complimentary to the plot. This book has a real human feel to it which adds layers of depth and emotional characterization that accurately portrays three sides of a criminal investigation; the suspected, the witness, and the law, not to mention victims and public backlash Faith experiences. The story just feels well-rounded and real. 

I couldn't help but think ALL THE LITTLE PIECES is beginning of a new series - fingers crossed on that one. 

ALL THE LITTLE PIECES was published this month by Harper Collins and is a book I strongly recommend for readers of crime fiction and legal dramas. 

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the great review, Josh! I am humbled. Really. And thank you for taking the time to write a review and post it on your blog. It's fans like you that make me want to write.