Thursday, July 2, 2015

Review: THE SILENCE by Tim Lebbon

The SilenceTHE SILENCE is an atmospheric horror that chronicles the early stages of an extension level event and one family's struggle to survive as humanity falls apart around them.

When explorers unearth a remote cave structure which had never seen the light of day they inadvertently threaten mankind's existence. Monsters lay in wait, blind bat like creatures that hunt by sound and eat anything that bleeds. The beginning of the end is live streamed around the world for all to see. Panic ensues and confusion abounds as we learn who really are the monsters; the pray or predator.

There was a lot to like about THE SILENCE with the modern day reliance on social media a key mechanism for communicating the world wide spread of terror. The Hushed were also a great inclusion; a scary and unpredictable group of people taking silence to the extreme by cutting out their own tongues and targeting the deaf to join their flock to teach them sign language. Made even more menacing by their willingness to use violence as an incentive to achieve their goal.

Recommended for fans of traditional and survival horror.

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