Friday, July 24, 2015

Review: THIEVES FALL OUT by Gore Vidal

Thieves Fall OutThink adventure, grifters, and pulp amid a backdrop of post WWII era Egypt where chivalry and romance abound influenced by thievery and black-market prosperity and you'll get a somewhat cracked and faded picture of the atmospheric piece of fiction author Gore Vidal has craftily created. 

THIEVES FALL OUT follows Peter, a former army lieutenant who tried his hand at oil prospecting in America before heading to Egypt where he's approached by a duo to smuggle goods out of the country. Always on the take and out for easy money, Peter quickly agrees and in no time finds himself thrust into a peculiar and highly mysterious arrangement between an odd couple, an entertainer, and a country in turmoil. 

I had a great time reading THIEVES FALL OUT. Not only did the book cater to my pulpier reading tastes but the story was in constant motion; the character circle's typecast ever changing with each turn of chapter and proceeding event. Not knowing who the good guys are from the bad (though they're all bad to some extent) makes for interesting reading. 

THIEVES FALL OUT is another quality read from Hardcase Crime. 

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