Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Short Review: GUILT BY ASSOCIATION by Marcia Clark

Guilt by Association (Rachel Knight #1)From the back of the book
Los Angeles D.A. Rachel Knight is a tenacious, wise-cracking, and fiercely intelligent prosecutor in the city's most elite division. When her colleague, Jake, is found dead at a grisly crime scene, Rachel is shaken to the core. She must take over his toughest case: the assault of a young woman from a prominent family.

But she can't stop herself from digging deeper into Jake's death, a decision that exposes a world of power and violence and will have her risking her reputation and her life to find the truth.

My Review
There are two core plot threads to GUILT BY ASSOCIATION; the murder of DA Rachel Knight's colleague Jake - initially staged as a murder-suicide, and the rape of a young woman who's doctor father has strong political ties. Jake was involved in the rape case which was reassigned to Knight following his death which links the two threads.  

Whilst not being a bad book, I found GUILT BY ASSOCIATION to be an average read. I didn't connect with any of the characters and found the mundane day-to-day actives depicting Rachel getting dressed, eating lunch/dinner, and drinking at the hotel bar distracting and little more than filler content. The street slang dialogue was also a cause for annoyance with a 'BG' (baby gangster) heavily involved in proceedings. As for the crime aspect, the cases themselves resolved all too convenient with the ending feeling rushed despite some enjoyable passages. Not one I'd recommend but I can see how it would be appealing to more casual readers. 

Verdict - there are better mainstream crime reads out there. 

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