Thursday, July 16, 2015

Short Review: NOBODY MOVE by Denis Johnson

Nobody Move
From the back of the book
Jimmy Luntz owes money to a man called Juarez. Trouble is, Juarez isn't the most patient of men. And when he gets bored of waiting, he sends someone round to collect. Luntz doesn't actually plan to shoot the guy, but the way he sees it, it's shoot or be shot. Either way, though, Luntz is out of his league, and he knows it: nobody messes with Juarez - or, at least, nobody messes with Juarez and lives to tell the tale. 

My review
A tightly constructed noir that relies almost exclusively on dialogue to tell the story, luckily the method doesn't hinder the atmosphere providing just enough description to cater to the readers imagination. It also helps that author Denis Johnson is gifted at delivering smooth and crisp dialogue not dissimilar to crime fiction grand-master Elmore Leonard. 

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