Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Catching Up: OUT OF SIGHT by Elmore Leonard

Out of SightForbidden romance, a prison break, necessary violence, and a score too big to ignore – Jack Foley, a career bank robber has his hands full in Elmore Leonard’s OUT OF SIGHT.

On the run following a successful prison break, Foley, dressed as a guard runs into US Marshal Karen Sicsco just as he breathes the faint scent of freedom. In no time Karen’s bounded up in the truck with Foley as his getaway driver makes for greener pastures. The two get to talking and an instant rapport is formed that plays out as the novel progresses – even after the two are separated by circumstances both of which they control their connection is continually referenced and forms a large part of the broader plot mechanics.

Like any novel written by Elmore Leonard, the dialogue is crisp, clever and straight to the point – you won’t find any filler content in OUT OF SIGHT. The plot is multifaceted; from the original prison break to the two robberies that play out leading to Karen and Foley’s reunion – a lot happens but it’s written in such a way as the reader doesn’t get lost in the different perspectives. 

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