Monday, October 26, 2015

Returning to the scene of the crime: LEMONS NEVER LIE

Lemons Never Lie (Alan Grofield, #4)From the back of the book
When he's not pulling heists with his friend Parker, Alan Grofield runs a small theatre in Indiana. But putting on shows costs money and jobs have been thin, which is why Grofield agrees to listen to Andrew Myers' plan to knock over a brewery. Unfortunately, Myer's plan is insane - so Grofield walks out on him. And you don't walk out on Myers...

My review
This is the fourth novel to feature thief Alan Grofield in his own series (he makes a couple of appearances in Starks' more well known Parker books) and the first Richard Stark novel to be published by Hardcase Crime. 

For a relatively short novel Stark packed a lot of punch into this one. The story evolves from a failed attempt to lure Grofield into a shady snatch and grab planned by inexperienced and unprofessional crooks. Little did Grofield know that his very public stance by walking out on the deal would lead to him dodging bullets as well as throwing his own in turn.

LEMONS NEVER LIE is very enjoyable and easily readable for both Parker/Gorfield newcomers and those who are well read in either series.

This was my second time reading LEMONS NEVER LIE.   

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