Monday, October 12, 2015

Review: THE WEIGHT OF CHAINS by Lesley Conner

The Weight of Chains
Murderous acts hidden in smoke and mirrors provides a foundation of lies for a brutal truth that shrouds the populace of Machecoul, a small town where boys never grow old. 

Gilles de Rais is an eccentric living in a old castle that casts a very deadly shadow over Machecoul, only the residents don't know it. Seen more as a martyr than murderer, Rais kidnaps the youth and turns them into his playthings until their last breath escapes their tormented corpse, for once he's decided to indulge his lust, the unfortunate are already dead. All the while, the parents of these children are led to believe the disappearance is as result of them being shipped off to gain an education and a chance at a better life. 

If I were to compare the writing I'd liken author Lesley Conner to Laura Benedict (who also writes atmospheric character driven horror stories). The unique place-setting and depth the each character make for an entertaining yet cringe-worthy read as Rais' terrors are realized in the fullest. 

THE WEIGHT OF CHAINS is a classic character driven horror that compliments the gore with clever storytelling and a slow and steady plot which builds tension as the story progresses towards a blood thirsty finish. 


  1. Replies
    1. I liked it. Def had an old school horror feel to it.