Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Catching Up: NICK'S TRIP by George Pelecanos

Nick's TripNICK'S TRIP is a booze soaked road trip into the underbelly of greed and deceit. What looks to be a simple enough missing persons case turns complex when Nick's high school friend casually omits portions of the truth to travel with Nick down memory lane, all the while building lies and laying the foundation for murder. 

Unlike A FIRING OFFENCE, Nick Stefanos is a fully fledged PI working in a bar to supplement his chosen career. This allows him to pick and choose his caseload. So when an old high school buddy shows up asking for help to track down his missing wife, Nick agrees. 

The story largely centers around locating the missing wife, but is peppered with chunks of another case - the murder of one of Nick's friends. This additional case proved a little distracting at times and didn't seem like it was needed with the core case enough to sustain an entertaining narrative.

Other reviews liken the Stefanos books to James Crumley in style and I'd have to agree. The later books by George Pelecanos are much better but NICK'S TRIP is still worth a read.

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