Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: ZERO HOUR by Jason M. Hough

Think Bond mixed with sci-fi and action on steroids and you'll have a good idea what to expect in the pulse pounding outer space thriller by Jason M. Hough.

Caswell is an assassin for hire, one who has the luxury of not being haunted by his kills thanks to a unique ability that induces memory lapses directly after the completion of an assignment.

His handler, the mysterious Monique, acts the puppeteer pulling Caswell's strings. She's the Earth bound glue keeping the space roving assassin grounded. Until she isn't. Hmmm, let that marinate.

ZERO HOUR brings more complexity to the narrative than perhaps what was needed by virtue of an elaborate space build and multiple concepts of humanity and their various iterations of evolution. It's good stuff that does, however, detract from the assassin angle of which I found the most enjoyable aspect to the novel.

Caswell is a Bond-like character yet he's unique and almost robotic in the way he goes about his assignment. There's a distinct separation from personal interaction with others yet the introduction of one character in particular tests the self imposed boundary.

ZERO HOUR is a lot of fun to read and is clearly the first chapter in a series/trilogy planned in this setting. It builds a lot of the framework but doesn't provide enough closure at the end of the book to satisfy this reader. That said, I will definitely check out the next book as I need to know what happens with the threads that were left dangling at the end of ZERO HOUR.

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